Xpress Radio

Xpress Radio is Cardiff University’s award winning student radio station. It is member of the Student Radio Association and broadcasts every day 8AM until 2AM. The station broadcasts in three languages, English, Welsh and French, thanks to our Canadian Programme Exchange

From June 2015 – 2016, I was Production Coordinator, responsible for all producers in the station and creating all station sound and imaging.

From June 2016 to 2017, I was Station Manager, running a committee of 14 people who kept the station running to a high standard.

During my time I have presented live shows such as ‘The Clinic’ , ‘The Friday Show’ and ‘Friday Live’ as well as guest presenting and producing on many other programmes.

My role consisted of managing the workings of the radio station and overseeing all of the production and on air content. There are around 200 student members of Xpress Radio with a committee of 14. One major role is scheduling over 60 live shows per week and several podcasts and long form programmes such as dramas.