In October 2018, I was asked by Bengo Media to join the production team for their newly commissioned evening programme, The Idea, for BBC Radio Wales. I began work as sound producer working alongside three talented producers, a presenter and director.
Presented by journalist, Catrin Nye, The Idea showcases inspirational talks from all over Wales by renowned politicians, entrepreneurs, academics and explores the stories behind them.
This has been a huge opportunity for my career, it is the first programme I have worked on for the BBC and I have learnt a great deal of skills both editorial and production.  I worked alongside producers Clare Hudson and Leo Sands; and Bengo Media’s director, Steve Austins.
My role in this programme was audio mixing and putting the programme together. This is very much my forte as its what I have done for a number of programmes in the past, including my own podcast, however I have never worked for a programme/company with such high calibre.
For me, possibly the biggest take-home from this was learning more about how a programme is made, from idea to transmission, I got to work on this throughout. I researched for this programme in the early stages back in March of this year, when it was – quite literally – an Idea.
Bengo Media is an exciting and creative production company in Cardiff, making big waves in the sea that is the podcasting world, especially in Wales. You can find out more at

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