I am an experienced audio producer for radio, podcasts and other on-demand audio. Student radio was my gateway into the radio industry and kick-started my career making radio programmes and podcasts. My production work has been heavily inspired by American podcasts such as Strangers by Lea Thau, Criminal by Phoebe Judge and The Moth. 

My most notable work includes projects for Bengo Media, BBC Radio Wales and LUNO. 
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Software: Adobe Audition, Premier Pro, Audacity, Logic Pro X, Open Media, dira! Highlander, Jutel Radioman
Equipment: Røde NT1A (in studio), Zoom H4n Pro + Samson Q2U (field)
Examples of my work
In October 2018, I was asked by Bengo Media to join the production team for their newly commissioned evening programme, The Idea, for BBC Radio Wales. I began work as sound producer working alongside three talented producers, a presenter and director.
Presented by journalist, Catrin Nye, The Idea showcases inspirational talks from all over Wales by renowned politicians, entrepreneurs, academics and explores the stories behind them.
This has been a huge opportunity for my career, it is the first programme I have worked on for the BBC and I have learnt a great deal of skills both editorial and production.  I worked alongside producers Clare Hudson and Leo Sands; and Bengo Media’s director, Steve Austins.
My role in this programme was audio mixing and putting the programme together. This is very much my forte as its what I have done for a number of programmes in the past, including my own podcast, however I have never worked for a programme/company with such high calibre.
For me, possibly the biggest take-home from this was learning more about how a programme is made, from idea to transmission, I got to work on this throughout. I researched for this programme in the early stages back in March of 2018, when it was – quite literally – an Idea.
Another project for Bengo Media, this podcast followed the journey of ex-Wales rugby star, Richard Parks as he attemped to hike to the south pole in a record breaking time.
This project differed from The Idea as it was a podcast and needed a different style of production to The Idea which was for radio. I took inspiration from the format I use to edit my own podcast, Think Tank and had direction from Steve who taught me new techniques such as 'talk on the track' and the use of b-roll that I employed to make this podcast sound the way it does.
I started this podcast in 2015, episode one was about the terrorist attacks in Paris. I wanted to create a podcast that exhibited peoples opinions and expertise on news stories and events. Series one covered topics such as the Brexit Referendum and the anniversary of the Aberfan Disaster in Wales.  Episodes 6 and 7 were slightly different to the rest, they were two episodes on people's life stories, mental health and being a feminist. This changed the format of the podcast and in early 2018 I launched the 'What's Your Story' campaign online, encouraging people to pitch stories from their life for an episode.
Series two launched in March 2018, we covered topics such as Islamophobia, LGBT+, disability rights, grief and scientific discovery.  
Now, in 2019, we are about to launch our first documentary; Think Tank Investigates, about Cardiff's Homeless Crisis. (trailer on Home and Journalist pages)
Your Rights Matter is a podcast miniseries commissioned by employment and advocacy business, Living With Aspergers. It's hosted by Kester Dean, disability rights advisor and me. Each episode we talk about a different topic in disability rights, answering questions that help the listener learn how to get the rights they deserve.
Series one is all about the Department of Work & Pensions, Small Claims Courts and applying for benefits.
This podcast looks at news and trends in the crypto-currency world. Created by Harry Horsfall, content exec at Luno Money.
Each episode has a different guest who is an expert in the crypto field. 
The New Financial Era is in production and is due for release in Summer 2019
This podcast was created by Holly Morgan-Davies and tells the tales of influential and incredible women from days gone by.
This is the first podcast to have the Think Tank brand.
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