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 11th october 2015

Album Review – ‘I Cry When I Laugh’ – Jess Glynne


‘I Cry When I Laugh’ is the highly acclaimed, debut album for South London based singer, Jess Glynne; who is known for her collaborations with Clean Bandit in their #1 hit ‘Rather Be’ and ‘Real Love’.

The first track on the album is the introduction, ‘Strawberry Fields’, which is by far the most different song on the record; not much of a melody, strong drum beat and reminds you of a Rihanna song in a way.

The most popular and well known tracks on the album are both chart topping, ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’. These tracks are both pop, but are quite a unique style especially with the heavy use of a piano backing. This is what gives Glynne her noticeable ‘style’. These are arguably the two of the best songs on the album, no surprise as these were the first two to be released into the charts and both did exceptionally well.

Track 10 is ‘Love Me’; this song can only be described as very upbeat. Like many of the others, it has a memorable piano backing, a jumpy drum beat, and very staccato vocals making it a really enjoyable song and an easy listen.

‘You Can Find Me’ and ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’ are both very gospel sounding songs, a genre that Jess Glynne has said she is inspired by. For pop music these are of a unique taste however along with the rest of the music they’re both great songs.

Track 13 is a collaboration with Emilie Sandé, its called ‘Saddest Vanilla’.  This song is more of a ballad-like song, slower than the rest and shows off the immense vocal skill of both Glynne and Sandé.

As an artist, Jess Glynne is something new; she combines popular music genre with Gospel eminence and her incredible vocals.  All the songs on the album, although some different, are easy listening, enjoyable and in a word – catchy.



 7th July 2015

Album Review – ‘Get To Heaven’ – Everything Everything


‘Get To Heaven’ is the long-awaited album from the Manchester-based art-rock band, Everything Everything. It follows the success of their previous album ‘Arc’ from 2013, which peaked at number five in the UK.

This album has a different feel to ‘Arc’, the band classically have songs that sound similar in  style, but this album goes outside of this theme and is more varied.  The album begins with ‘To The Blade’. This track starts off slowly, it has a very long introduction leading to a very upbeat chorus, very typical of Everything Everything. Next is the well-known ‘Distant Past’, the first song from the album that was released as a single back in March of this year.  This is on Spotify and is the the most listened to track from the album.  It’s easy to see why as it’s a very catchy song and faster than their last big hit, ‘Kemosabe’.

Following this is title track, ‘Get To Heaven’; this song is unique sounding, it’s in a major key with good melodies in the chorus, which makes it a catchy, easy to listen to and one of the best tracks on the record. The fourth track is ‘Regret’, the second track to be released as a single in June. This song is very different to the usual sound of the band, it starts with a very unique but captivating solo drum beat which carries on throughout the song.

The next song, and one of the best by far, is ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’.  This song really shows off the impressive and recognisable vocals of lead singer, Jonathan Higgs.  With a more rock style is sixth song, ‘The Wheel’,  followed by ‘Fortune 500’, which is, again, a very different track featuring a drone under the track, all in one chord, A minor.

‘Blast Doors’ is a really good track, it is in the quintessential Everything Everything style with the verses in an almost rap style and the chorus being a sudden high pitch vocal arrangement which makes for a good listen. Following this is ‘Zero Pharoe’; an unusual song to begin with as it starts with an electro-like opening which carries on throughout the track.  However this really compliments the vocals and makes it so very established and likeable.  The penultimate track, ‘No Reptiles’ is also a classically Everything Everything styled song, even if it is quite a slow song. The final song is ‘Warm Healer’ and is an enjoyable easy listen.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant album, it has a great variety of tracks, some easy-listening, some very upbeat, all of which goes down well.




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