I have been interested in journalism from an early age, inspired by a family friend who worked at The Sun. I had my first taste of journalism writing articles in English class and then aged 14 did work experience at my local paper, The Warrington Guardian where I worked on the news and features desks and had the opportunity to go out and report in court and at the local museum. 
Fast forward a few years, during my time at Cardiff University, I got involved with Cardiff Student Media where I presented on the student radio station, Xpress Radio, and wrote for Gair Rhydd (Welsh for the free word) and Quench Magazine. This reignited my passion for journalism and I combined this with my interests in science, becoming the science editor for Gair Rhydd in 2018.
I aspire to be an investigative journalist for both broadcast and print, presenting programmes and documentaries for radio and television as well as writing in respected publications.
Below are some examples of my work including podcasts and articles
Think Tank: The podcast

Right now I present and produce a storytelling podcast, Think Tank, which exhibits ordinary people's extraordinary life stories. I recently finished work on an investigative documentary about the homeless crisis facing Cardiff.
Think Tank: The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public and all other streaming platforms.
You & Yours - BBC Radio 4

In the spring of 2018 I was fortunate enough to earn a place on the BBC Work Experience scheme where I interned on You & Yours at BBC Radio 4. During this placement I worked with many talented journalists and presenters including Winifred Robinson and Shari Vahl. 
I had the opportunity to pitch and research stories for the weekly ideas meetings held with the producers and editors. One of my stories was picked up and used for the programme.
This opportunity kick-started my journey to becoming a journalist on the radio and gave me a wealth of new skills and contacts.​​​​​​​
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GAIR RHYDD (The Free Word)
From my time at Cardiff University, I had the opportunity to write for many sections of the student news paper, Gair Rhydd, including news, science and advice.  In January 2018 I became science editor and started a new initiative focussing on stories from Cardiff University’s many science research facilities. One of my most notable science articles was about the use of artificial intelligence to enhance chemical reactions. 
My work at The Tab was mainly news and breaking news. I was the first journalist to report on the vandalism attack on Cardiff University’s historic main building and followed the story as it developed over the following weeks. As well as writing for The Tab, I have been involved with investigations and video production.
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