Canadian Programme Exchange

Canadian Programme Exchange // Échange de programme canadien

In August of 2016, I was studying at HEC Montreal, Canada. During this visit, I visited two student radio stations, CISM 89,3FM (Université de Montréal) and radio-web (Université de Québec à Montréal – UQÀM).  I was fortunate enough to establish a good relationship with both stations and started a programme exchange with both.

Montreal is in the French-speaking region of Canada, the province of Quebec. In the city they primarily French but most are bilingual.

The first station CISM 89,3FM, is a mainly francophone (French language) station, managed by Etienne Dubec. is one of the only FM broadcasted student stations in the region. They offered us a show called ‘London Café’ this show is all about indie and rock music exclusively from London. Presented by Brice Galland and Mélanie Lapierreit and is in French.

The other station,, is a mix of francophone and Anglophone, they broadcast in both languages.  They offered us two shows, ‘Mutations’, a DJ music show presented by programme controller, Paul Charpentier.  And Planète Sauvage, a movie soundtrack show. Both are francophone.

Our aim from this programme exchange was to firstly expand out listenership to French speakers and learners.  Here in Cardiff we have quite a large population of French students. This new exchange gave them an opportunity not only to listen to programmes in their mother tongue, but also we gave them the opportunity to create programmes in French too.   As part of the exchange we gave our French students the task of making a podcast in French to send to CHOQ. This was named ‘Ze French Connection’. The premise of the show is all about politics and culture in France, as described by French students to educate an inform listeners overseas in Canada.

Currently, Xpress Radio plays CISM’s ‘London Café’ every Friday midnight until 1.30am and then CHOQ’s ‘Mutations with Paul Charpentier’ until 2.30am. The reason behind this late night slot is so that listeners in Quebec, who are 5 hours behind, can listen in their evening. (8pm onwards). We are sending Luke Bandy’s DJ show to where they have a special slot for Xpress Radio Programmes.

We believe this may be one of the first of its kind, to have partner stations in another country playing each others shows.

This milestone makes Xpress Radio’s broadcast, transatlantic, meaning our shows are actively listened to over in Montreal Canada.  It also makes us possibly the first tri-lingual student radio station. Being in Wales, we have been broadcasting in Welsh as well as English since we started in 1996. Now we can proudly say we create and broadcast in 3 languages.

The aim of this has been to expand Xpress Radio’s brand, listenership and inclusiveness for our French students here at Cardiff University.



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