I have 3 years experience of working in the media from my involvement with Xpress Radio, Cardiff university’s award winning student radio station. During my time I have presented live shows such as ‘The Clinic’ , ‘The Friday Show’ and ‘Friday Live’, as well as guest presenting and producing on other programmes.

I have used my time with Xpress Radio to start my own independent podcast and brand, Think Tank. I am a huge fan of podcast hosts in the USA including Lea That (Strangers) and Phoebe Judge (Criminal). Think Tank Podcast is a storytelling programme showcasing other people’s life experiences and current events. (see more)

Currently I am Station Manager of Xpress Radio. We have a committee of fourteen who keep the station running to a high standard. I will step down this June when I graduate from Cardiff University and my aims is to pursue a career in communications and the media.

This year has seen Xpress Radio flourish internationally, with the start of our Canadian Programme Exchange.  This is an initiative I am really proud of – partnering us with two student stations in Montreal, Canada. We also have had successes with our coverage of the US election in 2016 and our yearly festival, Xpresstival held at Club Ifor Bach in Cardiff.