Think Tank: The Podcast

Think Tank is a storytelling podcast exhibiting real life stories and the lessons they can teach us.

From fascinating to inspirational, we share the experiences of people from all walks of life. Our stories can be something meaningful, something defining, something worth sharing.

I started Think Tank in october 2015, with the first episode ‘The Day Paris Never Forgot’, it was a discussion about the terrorist attack on Paris. My idea was to get peoples opinions and thoughts on situations.

This soon developed into a storytelling podcast when we discussed the prevalent issues and topics, mental health and feminism.

Series II launched in March 2018, with a new sound and new structure. Each episode featured one storyteller, telling their life story relating to an issue in our society. Rowan Lees joined Think Tank as a sound producer, he is responsible for the music production and overall soundscape of each episode.

Think Tank is coming to the end of series II, and will finish with a long-length audio documentary about homelessness in Cardiff.

Series III is due in summer 2019 and will have a refreshed theme

Think Tank is available on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

Hear Think Tank now on our website 

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