I recently completed my bachelors degree (BSc) in Chemistry at Cardiff University. During my four years at Cardiff University, I learnt a plethora of skills which are applicable beyond the science environment.

My research project was investigating the use of Platinum on Ceria (CeO₂) heterogeneous  catalyst in the hydrogenation of 3-nitrostyrene. The aim was to see if could boost the activity and selectivity of the reaction which is an important pre-cursor step in the production of some plastics.

Studying at Cardiff University allowed me to not only learn in the classroom, but it allowed me to explore other areas and gain work experience, language skills and plenty more from the societies that I was involved with.

Whilst at Cardiff I was a training officer for St John Ambulance (Cymru-Wales) and I was heavily involved with Cardiff Student Media, writing for Gair Rhydd and Quench Magazine, and presenting, producing and managing Xpress Radio.

I also was involved with the university’s Languages for All programme where I studied French alongside my degree from Elementary in first year, to Advanced level in fourth year. I also was given the opportunity to travel to Montreal, Canada to participate in the French Summer School programme at HEC Montréal. I recently wrote about this for the LfA newsletter.

Cardiff University has been a life changing time for me, its given me more than just an education and has been a huge contributing factor in allowing me to carve a path into the media industry which I aspire to work in.

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