Journalism has been a huge interest to me since I was young. From radio to writing, I am fascinated with the fast-moving environment of a newsroom.  My experience at You & Yours at BBC Radio 4 was a huge experience for me to see how news is collected and reported. I worked alongside broadcast journalists, helping them find stories and collect information for the programme. I was fortunate enough to partake in idea meetings and even pitched some ideas that were taken further.

In addition to broadcast journalism, I have written for a number of publications including Gair Rhydd, Quench Magazine and The Tab.

From my time at Cardiff University, I had the opportunity to write for many sections of the student news paper, Gair Rhydd, including news, science and advice.  In January 2018 I became science editor and started a new initiative focussing on stories from Cardiff University’s many science research facilities.

One of my best articles was about the use of artificial intelligence to enhance chemical reactions.

I have also written for Quench Magazine, doing music reviews and interviewing. One of my last articles was an interview with local Cardiff podcaster and friend, Scott McGlynne from The Scott McGlynne Show.

My work at The Tab was mainly news and breaking news. I was the first journalist to report on the vandalism attack on Cardiff University’s historic main building and followed the story as it developed over the following weeks.

As well as writing for The Tab, I have been involved with investigations and video production.

My drive for journalism came at a young age having been inspired by a family friend who was a journalist at The Sun. At age 14 I worked at The Warrington Guardian on the features and news desks for work experience. During this time I had the opportunity to write articles, learn shorthand, and sit in the gallery of the crown court. I later went on to work at my school newspaper.

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